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Cockroach Problem?

Eco And Pet-Friendly Treatments

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Cockroach Infestation


For Fast and Lasting Results to combat Roach infestation, we would HIGHLY suggest deep cleaning before any treatment.

“We find the best way to control a roach problem is a collaboration with the residents, if they do the prep work and do what we request then our equipment is going to be more effective even if we use boric acid or a botanical.

If you have a clean environment, any product works better, and there’s less aversion to any product if we change the environment where they are living.

Insects leave skeletons and eggs, and capsules are there, and they eat themselves and we want everything clean to manipulate the way they want it.”

Let the Professionals save you time and money.

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We at Pest Cure Pest Control

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The only way to get it under control is by doing Cycle Treatments.


The treatments are Eco And Pet Friendly.

Once you have it under control then we highly suggest that you need treatments every 3 months to Manage and Control them.



No need to unpack or leave your home or Business.

If you would like me to work out your price, Please forward us your address to work out the Google m2 of the Perimeter to be treated.

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Damage to your property:
Pest infestations can damage your property, create an uncomfortable atmosphere for your family and, in some cases, contaminate your home.

The quickest and most effective method of getting rid of unwanted pests? Is not at the hardware store. For lasting, safe extermination you should hire a professional pest control service to treat your home for unwanted insects, spiders.

Your health
Beyond being creepy, pests can carry harmful diseases and hazardous bacteria that can expose your family members to illness. For instance, cockroaches carry
E-coli and salmonella on their bodies and can also cause or intensify health problems related to allergies and asthma.

Tick bites can cause Lyme disease, which is a dangerous condition often associated with symptoms such as rashes, severe fatigue and extreme illness and Ants can contaminate your food.

Different types of baits and chemicals are required to extract and eliminate different types of pests. A licensed pest control technician will know the safe and proper dosages of these chemicals to apply and when and where to apply them.

A significant benefit of hiring a pest control service is that the professionals have the training and experience to identify the types of pests infiltrating your property and determine how best to eliminate them.

Our products are pet and human-friendly which means that you do not need to unpack or leave the house.

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