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Ants Management Cycle Treatments

GOOD News And BAD News.... Ants can be controlled BUT Unfortunately,

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Service Description

🚨 Ant Management 🚨 GOOD News And BAD News.... Ants can be controlled BUT Unfortunately, Ant Management Is Not A ONCE OFF Treatment. Ants treatment is on an ongoing basis until under control. Unfortunately, with Ants, you are dealing with Millions and Millions of them, and the nests move all the time. Only two ways of dealing with them. One is to starve them... Two is to kill the Queen by feeding them a highly concentrated Gel Mix regularly as needed. I will dose the entire home base perimeter and extra dosing in the nest areas. Direct drenching of the colony in its nesting place can be performed if you know where it is. It is important not to disturb the pheromone trails with chemical sprays as this will lead to budding. We Highly suggest Removing materials Like Pet Food or any other Open Food Sources including open water. This can only be done by focussing on hygiene and sanitation and excluding the ants from the structure. You will only be successful if you keep following up and replenishing baits and treatments as you are normally working with hundreds of thousands of ants. Also.... The ideal way to control ants is to provide them with baits formulated from proteins and carbohydrates to take down into their nests and to distribute these by food sharing or tropholaxes. In this way, you will use the behaviour of the ants to get your baits deep into the nest and thereby controlling the ants with the ants themselves. To work out your price, please provide us with your address so we can work out on Google Map Scan, The Area to be covered. Once we sent you the Price per treatment, then use the link below to choose a time and date that is suitable for you. Our products are pet and human-friendly which means that you do not need to unpack or leave the house. Feel free to contact us on: •

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