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Rodent Management Treatments

Price Per Treatment Depends On Infestation And Size Of Area To Cover

  • 1 hour
  • Price Varies
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Rodent Control Eradication of rats and mice from your home or business is critical to avoid structural damage to your premises or loss of perishables. Preventing the spread of disease is our key priority when assisting business owners. Preventative measures include the installation and servicing of tamper-proof bait boxes and regular site inspections to ensure effective infestation control HOW TO KEEP RODENTS AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE Here are some factors that can attract rodents to your house. These include: A messy home, especially if you leave food out or don’t clean up spills immediately after they happen. Areas that provide shelters, such as woodpiles, leaf piles, shrubs, or debris. Pet food left open and or excrement Easy access to food and water (Rodents are opportunistic when it comes to food, meaning they’ll climb into trash cans and compost heaps for meals.) Ways to enter your home How to Keep Rodents Away From Your House: When you’re trying to figure out how to keep rats away, it helps to think of what a rat or mouse would need to survive. The best rat or mouse deterrent is removing any factors that offer these rodents food or shelter. Here are several ways to help do just that: If you live in a warmer climate, fix leaky outdoor faucets to cut off water supplies. Inspect your home and plug up any holes that are larger than 6.34cm or 634 mm. Keep tree limbs trimmed so that rats aren’t able to climb into the upper areas of your home. Additionally, you’ll want to cut back ivy or other climbing vines from the side of your house. Clean your home regularly, paying special attention to the kitchen. Don’t forget to sweep up your floor and to check easy-to-forget areas, including under the toaster and by the base of your fridge, oven, and trash can. Store dry goods and pet food in containers made of metal or glass. And remember not to leave food out. (This goes for bread and pet food too.) Feed your pets inside the house and keep their water bowls indoors. You should also keep litter boxes clean and pick up any pet feces from your yard. Make sure the lids on your trashcans are secured tightly to help prevent rats from accessing the contents. Clear out the remains of your summer or fall garden and pick up any decaying fruit or nuts that may have fallen in your yard. If you compost, you’ll want to invest in a rat-proof compost bin, rather than leaving compost out in the open. Maintain a clean yard that’s free of fallen limbs, leaf piles,

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